At Buy As You View I designed a range of responsive emails ranging from informative and transactional emails through to sales and offers. I created a consistent style for all of them so that the Buy As You View communications were recognisable whilst still allowing for flexibility in the tone and style of messaging. I was responsible for all of the design work, writing copy, building, scheduling and sending. I also used A/B testing on things like subject lines, from names and creatives to fine tune the campaigns

I have experience using MailChimp, Dotmailer and Mandrill as well as hand-coding emails using simple HTML and inline CSS.

The two examples below show the modular template that I designed when Buy As You View moved to the Dotmailer system. The idea was to create a responsive email with various sections that could be removed or edited depending on the content.

Dotmailer Desktop Template – Tap or Hover to scroll.

Dotmailer Mobile Template – Tap or Hover to scroll.

The gallery below shows slightly older examples created in MailChimp.